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Irrigation products


Irrigation plants for fruit, wine and vegetable growing as well as for sports facilities and gardens!

· The experience of the last few decades has shown that an economic crop production is only possible if the plants are protected against extreme environmental influences!

· Periods of drought are increasingly occurring which sometimes cause serious damage to plants.

· We plan, supply and build irrigation plants tailor-made for your specific needs and requirements.

· With the support of state-of-the-art irrigation technology, we take care that the most valuable resource water can be used exactly at the place your plants need it.

To achieve the most successful result we use various irrigation technologies:


Hail protection net, hail protection systems ... Anchorage, net connections, irrigation, WIESEL system... to the products


Our consultants will find the ideal solution for your hail protection requirements. They offer comprehensive, expert consulting! Call-back from the consultant!


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Fruit Security supplies the following products world-wide: hail protection, hail protection nets, net connections, the WIESEL system, hail protection nets and crop protection for orchards, irrigation and sprinkling systems, rain protection film for roofing cherries.