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TURTLE - Original Car-Cover


The optimal protection for your cars against hailstroms!

Standard arch diameter:

Space between the arch: depending on the width of the vehicles from 4 -6m

Overhead clearance: max 3,2m

The metal arches are fixed in asphalt with cement in a hole, and on concrete plates are fixed with dowels.

For a perfect view on to the cars you can roll up the net to the highest position (in this position is not 100% hail protection). In wintertime you must completely roll up, because there is no snow guarantee.



Torpedo–Anchor DR


Exclusively available from Fruit Security

This is the biggest development step since anchors have been used!

Torpedo I. (universal) DR
Due to its spate size it is well suited for various soil structures (universal) and results in extremely high pull-out values and security levels.

The assembly is accomplished by a centered drive-in system directly onto the spate elements swiftly, precisely and, above all, with minimum damage to the soil .

Torpedo II. (hard soil) DR

Due to its compact, solid construction it permeates even very hard and stony soil like a torpedo.

Torpedo III. (soft soil) DR

Its spate elements are so widely spaced that appropriate pull-out values can be achieved even on peaty and very soft ground.

Torpedo IV. (mini anchor) DR

Thanks to its slender construction this anchor is soil -universal and strong in the pull-out.


The Torpedo Anchor DR series is suitable for all soil types (except for pure rock).

The anchors can be mounted quickly and are soil -onserving due to the exact load transmission to the anchor’s top.

Complete lateral stability when tipped because of the vertical steering plate.

Thanks to the soil-conservering assembly, extraordinarily high pull-out values and security levels can be achieved.

For the first time! Each anchor is tested for pull-out

The anchors are pulled to the desired pull-out value (min. 3 tons) into their final position by a special weighing device.

This positioning protects against anchor reactions during severe hailstorms and gales.


The anchor’s performance should be nearly as high as the sum of the breaking load of the wires and ropes leading to the anchor (adequately big anchor distances reduce the anchor load).

For all extreme soils (very stony to rocky) there is our tried and tested Rambo anchor.

When there is a compromise solution (anchor distances of 1 m and less), anchor pull-out values of 5 tons and more are desirable. Due to the new Torpedo DR and Rambo anchors these values are absolutely achievable.


Zebra Hail Protection Net


In terms of weaving parameters, the Zebra anti-hail netting is groundbreaking technology as far as light gain, statics and service life is concerned!

The Zebra anti hail net is especially characterised by the fact that with crystal anti-hail nets a strip with black cross wires is woven in at predetermined distances (e.g., 1.3 m).


The loss of light of about 16 % with black anti hail nets is reduced to about 8 % with the Zebra hail protection net.The concentrated load from the net connection over the ridge wire is transferred via the black cross wires, and this is why the service life can be increased considerably compared to the normal crystal hail protection nets.The precise alignment of net connection and ridge anchorage in the area of the black cross wire.

Summary: Due to Fruit Security's new front knotting technique and the precise net connection alignment, we are in the position to offer a hail net which boasts great benefits in terms of exposure to light, statics and the expected service life compared to the conventional crystal hail protection nets.


Anchor Test Device


Thanks to our universal anchor test device, we are able to test all anchor types mounted in the field with the help of a tractor, excavator or other pulling device.

It should be borne in mind that anchors with a preload of 3,000 kg do not show any reaction (loss of tension) even during the most severe hailstorms.

This ensures the highest possible protection together with a relatively low time and cost expense when connected with an anti-sink protection at the column base.


Quality Label for Stationary Spray Unit!


Fruit Security company is the one and only Austrian company to have received the quality label for leeway reduction spray units in October 2009!

Hence, all stationary spray units for pesticide application planned and designed by Fruit Security care are officially recognised as a spray unit.  

If you any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will gladly provide you with a tailor-made offer!


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