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? One part

? Quickly mounted

? Convenient opening of nets

? Favourable price

? Gentle on the nets

Mounting instructions for Winterfix:

The Winterfix may only be mounted directly above a net-stop needle or seam; distance to the pillar must be 40 cm min.

Max. 5-6 m recommended assembly distance according to net width. When frost-irrigated, max. distance 2 m.

Take a ballpoint pen or similar device to push aside the net mesh so far that the inner clip of the Winterfix can snap in place on the wire.

The net should be tightly secured; but not too tight to avoid overstretching the Winterfix.

If the above criteria are not fulfilled the Winterfix could fall down (in summer position) when the net moves.


Powerflex Liftmatik


This system includes all benefits of our conventional lift system such as:

- more room for orchards.

- more light for orchards.

- advantages when emptying the hail nets from hailstones by lowering the eaves under the hail load.

- Easy opening and closing of the nests in spring and autumn.

- The hail net fibres in the area of the ridge fixing and the net connections will be strained only when hail occurs, decisively enhancing the service life of the nets.

Compared to conventional lift systems using hail net cords or wires for the nets to be lifted, the Powerflex Liftmatik system includes the use of bungy straps which will be fixed by means of special carabiners every five meters underneath the hail net from one overhead wire to the other .

The length of the bungy straps is about 80 % of the rows? width, with a diameter of about 8 mm.

By means of our bungy net connections, which will be mounted inside a net seam very closely to the Wiesel net connection, the net will be made wind stable by pressing the bungy into the grid hook of the bungy net connection.

A real innovation:

Additionally, there is a real ground-breaking possibility for hail nets in the contour line by removing the bungy net connections downhill and thus, to the same extent, enhancing the hail collection efficiency facing uphill, just as it is reduced downhill without having to use hail nets with shifted seams.

Compared to shifted nets, it is by no means a matter of little significance that the hail load remains in the middle of the machine track. After hail the nets automatically return to upper position.


Beside highest comfort Powerflex Liftmatik offers the following:

- Efficient wind stability.

- Great advantages as to emptying, even in the contour line.

- Increases the service time of the nets by permanent relief of the nets outside hailstorm.




Irrigation plants for fruit, wine and vegetable growing as well as for sports facilities and gardens!

The experience of the last few decades has shown that an economic crop production is only possible if the plants are protected against extreme environmental influences!

Periods of drought are increasingly occurring which sometimes cause serious damage to plants.

We plan, supply and build irrigation plants tailor-made for your specific needs and requirements.

With the support of state-of-the-art irrigation technology, we take care that the most valuable resource water can be used exactly at the place your plants need it.

To achieve the most successful result we use various irrigation technologies (please see irrigation products).


Rambo Anchor


- special anchoring system for all hard floors except pure rocks

- efficient access system ( prize open technology)

- special inclined grating on the floor under high load

- three different sizes of plates for different floors

- three different lengths of anchor bars for different floors

- highest safety and economic efficiency in difficult floors


Every anchor is put into its position with our special testing device and at the same time the desired hoist resistance is tested.

application areas:

Anti-hail net anchor for the most difficult floors (stone floor, crushed rock floor, hard floor, etc)


BI-Bungy System


The perfect protection against overload for all orchards with problems of statics. (e.g. rows in contour line, zones on the valley side where the hailstones collect, etc.)


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