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The new WIESEL net-connection


Successful, targeted modifications have turned the system ? that has proven its worth in millions of applications ? into a new, universal net-connection.

1.) The net-connection is still as comfortable and convenient to open and close.
2.) Thanks to the 8mm shackle on the lower side of the net-connection, the net-connection can be used both as a border net-connection and for the securing of any elastic cords and cross-wires.
3.) The new WIESEL net-connection holds the net with only two parts instead of the former three, thereby ensuring simpler and, above all, faster assembly.

Die neue WIESEL-Plakette

WIESEL Powerflex: the new generation of hail protection nets


The right solution for various problems of ageing of hail protection nets

WIESEL-Powerflex: die neue Hagelnetzgeneration

WIESEL-Special: Assembly of protective tube on the front rope


1.) The radius of the protective tube is bigger than that of the wires and ropes and there is less thermal stress thanks to the air in the tube.
2.) An important step towards net protection in the delicate ridge area. This point may be decisive for the service life of the net if there are unforeseeable deviations in the quality of the net.

WIESEL-Spezial Schutzschlauchmontage am Stirnseil

Bekaert Benzinal® fruit wire


? Ø 2.2mm fruit wire (soon also with2.8 Ø available)

? Sensational price/performance ratio

? Benzinal oxidation protection

? Flexible with superior resistance to stretching

Fruchtdraht Typ WIESEL Zink-Alu

WIESEL lift trumpet clip


Ground-breaking innovation for various hail net lifts. The roller clips used so far are replaced by trumpet clips. Advantage: more easy-running, more gentle on the cord (when the cord breaks, simply knot it together), far higher tolerance if the cord runs out of angle.

Wiesel-Lift Trompete

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