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Total netting of crops
  • The total netting of closed systems protects against disease transmission by insects, damage caused by birds, or against seed flight (weeds)
  • By means of protecting marginal trees against wood damage caused by hail, blight diseases can be prevented effectively
  • The aim is to reduce pesticides significantly
  • Effective against wind-frost depending on mesh size
CAGE-SYSTEM with entrance gate
  • The cage system includes a hail net is also mounted over the return surface down to the ground. The system is entered via the entrance gate, which is closed again immediately afterwards
  • Depending on the selction, bird- and tiny insects (e.g. vinegar flies) can be repelled
  • Powerflex-film systems combined with an insect net in eave and at the edge allow an ideal protection against insects
  • The front side lifting is ideally suited for plants offering no space for an inside netting of cage
  • By means of complex crank system, up to 50 rows can be opened at the same time
Specific fields of application:
  • Vinegar flies: Durning harvest time, a chemical control of this vermin is difficult, the complete netting offers an ideal protection also in this stage
  • Cockchafer: In this case, the cage system can protect against the egg deposition of beetle in the ground
Further descriptions and illustrations can be found in our current folder.