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Powerflex Foliensystem

The POWERFLEX Foil System opens new perspectives for the use of this foil!

The POWERFLEX Foil System is applicable for a wide variety of crops and purposes:

- Rain protection
- Insect protection
- Early or late crops
- Bird protection
- Blossom frost protection
- Winter frost protection
- Sun protection
- Plant protection etc.
- Easy and quick handling when the foil is opened and closed!

  • Thus it is possible to open and close it several times during the season
  • The POWERFLEX Foil System is perfectly applicable for anti hail netting
  • Extremely high wind stability due to an efficient combination of bungy systems, eaves wire and transverse bracing (solid upwards and elastic downwards)
  • End-to-end foils do not have slits in the tree area and the ventilation is provided via the eaves
  • In connection with insect protection nets an efficient pest shield is ensured
  • The winter storage of the foils is independent from the winter net storage
  • The foil can be opened and closed independently from the net
  • Easy and quick handling when opening and closing the net and foil
  • Edge support or arch system
  • Perfect space allowance for the edge row, too
  • Exact and wind resistant edge of the foil and hail protection net
  • On request to the ground as well, for an ideal protection against birds and insects
Further descriptions and illustrations can be found in our current folder.