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JACKET Weingartenabdeckung

The Jacket vineyard cover is a significant component of viticulture.

  • It is cost-effective to assembly and offers not only a protection against hail, also from birds, insects, deer and sunburn
  • Advantages in the vineyard work: the cutting of the leaves will be more simplified, to on row of the sprout becomes obsolete, less susceptible to wind durning plat protection
  • Due to a swift hanging up of the net a free access to the grape zone is possible
  • When using a pneumatic foliage remover, the net can remain closed
  • For winter storage the net can be rolled up swiftly and efficiently
  • When rolled up, harvesters and leaf cutting machines can be used without any problems. When rolled up, the net is fixed with Winterfix
  • Each row length up to 1000 m and more is possible
  • The JACKET net system is even applicable for steep slopes and hilly terrain
  • Cost savings at the hail insurance

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