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Special Flat Hail Net Protection


Special features:

Row width up to 10 m

Working height up to 4.5 m

Low net connection load, minimum scatter damage, no emptying

Field of application:

Nurseries (high tractors, pesticide’s spray bar)Orchards (use of tunnel sprayer)





1) With our new product development we are heading towards higher stability regarding front net wire, cross net wire and column fixation. The clamping elements are made entirely from metal and are firmly fastened onto the column top.

2) High net protection in the case of hail net load: The two plastic butt plates of the Power-Firstfix net connection solely serve for the protection of the net and the column top. The hail net fibres are no longer screwed and pressed onto the Power-Firstfix. The hail net fibres have been pushed aside and redirected around the screw and the trimmings.

3) Assembling benefits:
The screw part has already been assembled when delivered. Since during net assembly the fibres have only been pushed aside, no screw nut must be removed, and hence, no bolt can be lost. Consequently, a quicker and easier handling is possible.

4) Concrete columns from the company Spinazze can be supplied with a bore hole.

5) With this combination we have succeeded in uniting both high stability and economic efficiency.


Wind and Protection Nets


.) Wind protection for various cultures and buildings, e. g.,  foil tunnels.

.) Barrier and ball netting, e. g. at golf courses


Foil covers


Powerflex - Film System

? Thermal ventilation at the highest point
? Elastic stabilisation of elastic cord
? Films can stay where they are and do not have to be mounted and taken down every year
? UV-stable method of storage on the ridge Unique, harmonic, economic combination of ventilation, stabilisation and UV-protected storage during winter

Fruit Security Universal ? Film Covering

Powerflex can be used in combination with hail protection nets and is suitable for an almost unlimited range of crops and for many purposes (e.g. rain protection, winter frost and sun protection, protecting blossoms from frost, to avoid early harvest or late harvest, for pest management, etc.).

Features of the Powerflex - Film System:

Thanks to a new screw-pressing technique, the film is tightly secured on the ridge (no more eyelets required).

Highly elastic in the eaves area thanks to bungy securing

Extremely wind-stable thanks to an efficient combination of bungy, eaves wire and cross wire (stable to the top, elastic towards the bottom)

UV protection film affixed to the ridge

Ridge ventilation through a combination of a carabiner and a special film ridge net connection.

Advantages for the user:

Easy and quick handling when opening foil and fastening due to the new net connection for eaves? foils.

Allows repeated opening and closing during the season

Offers new perspectives in the use of the film:

General rain protection of produce (throughout the entire season)

Film can be opened and closed according to period-specific need; for example only in cases of high risks caused by fungal infection.

Can be opened to protect blooms from frost.

Can be opened to protect produce from winter frost.

During the ?rest period? the film is wrapped in UV-protecting packaging and stored ? ready for use ? on the ridge.

These multiple benefits make the Powerflex - Film System highly cost-effective.


Various Types of Net Closures


Completely or partially closed hail net systems:

Model 1: Front side curtain without a cantilever prop (with a fixed headroom)

A steel wire with a diameter of 3.8 mm is placed and tightened in the net connection of the front row. On this a net panel in the required width is sewn or needled. The net panel is tightened towards the anchor with the support of a ring of the Wiesel net connection and a hook that is assembled at the net connection wire.

Model 2: Flexible front side curtain without a cantilever prop

At the lower net edge a steel rope is sewn into or needled causing a smooth descent of the net curtain when closed. A PVC-protected steel bar allows a gentle glide from the ridge to the anchor. By means of special fantails assembled on the ridge, a taut wire and a lifting rope assembled on it, a counterweight and a special rail with carriages at the end of the taut wire, as well as a crank handle, or an electric wire rope winch (12 V or 220 V), the net panel can be moved up or down just like a curtain.

Feature: No trees must be between front side column and anchor which could possibly interfere with the gliding procedure.

Model 3: Front side curtain with a cantilever prop and fixed headroom

Through the assembly of the special distance tubes the protection space will be extented over the front side columns towards the anchor.

The assembly of the net curtain is the same as for model 1.

Feature: There can be trees between the front side column and the anchor and they are well protected.

Model 4: Flexible front side curtain with a cantilever prop

Through the assembly of the special distance tubes the protection space is enlarged, as can be seen at point 3, and the gliding bar for the curtain is brought into an almost vertical position. The fantails for the front side lifting and the bar fitting are not fixed at the Firstfix net connection but at the end of the cantilever props. All the other elements are the same as for model 2.

Feature: Trees between the front side column and the anchor are possible. However, only branches and twigs can stand towards the gliding bar.

Model 5: Fully automated front side curtain

Springeth in Voghiera

The project has an entire area of 22 hectares and is characterised by a bulky row completion, curves, transversal pieces and various entry points.

About 400 front side units are opened and closed by means of a 12 V engine installed in the centre of the plant which uses a specifically designed central fairlead technology. The remaining angular recesses around the block of the building are also supplied by a 220 V engine. Both engines are operated via remote control.

Due to this technology it is possible to effectively achieve a 100 % hail and sun protection and a protection against birds and insects (i.e., the European corn borer). The basic idea of the front side curtain, however, is for frost protection by icing the nets, the water consumption of which is extremely low in comparison.

As far as this current project is concerned, the installation of a huge water reservoir can be spared; thus, the front side curtain technology can be financed with this saving. One of the most important lessons learned is, that seen from the technical point of view, the most bulky plants can also be functionally equipped.

Model 6: Cage system

The cage system allows full closure of the machine track and the roofing with the hail netting.

The hail net is entirely tightened down to the ground, both outside the edge rows and at the front side columns outside the machine track.

For entry and exit a gate should be installed. There are advantages such as for models 2, 4 and 5, but the cage system is more efficient since during operation, for instance for mulching, fertilising etc. the gate can be closed.

For models 2 and 4 wind, birds and insects can enter into the plant during the work mentioned above.

Please note: Cage models cannot be installed everywhere, i.e., if there is a joint turn-around space with the adjacent neighbour?s land.

Model 7: Lan-Man 2007

The net is held at the front rope and rolled in towards the middle of the track. It is then folded twice over the 10 cm long sleeve and tied in place.

The required width of the front net (running crosswise) is sewed or pinned to the cross wire of the front row of pillars.

Model 1

Model 2

Model 3

Model 4

Model 5

Model 5

Model 6

Model 6

Model 7

Variante 7


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